Tax Buster RPO

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Tax Buster RPO Plan


Business is booming. You're trying to reduce your tax burden. We're here to help.

You're in luck- because we've got the Rental Purchase Option (RPO) plan that's just right for you.


We know that managing your company's tax burden can be a challenge. An RPO may be a solution that can work for you. Part of the equipment cost may be expensed as a rental in the current fiscal year, rather than depreciating it as an asset over its useful life. Rent a piece of Kubota construction equipment (usually for 6 months). The majority of your rental payments can be rolled over into a down payment if you decide you want to purchase the machine before your rental contract expires. If you decide that machine isn't right for you- simply return it at the end of your contract. This is truly a risk-free way to try before you buy. 

The best part? If you decide to buy- you can roll the majority of your rental payments into 0% financing for up to 48 months on the equipment! 


Rental Purchase Option Benefits

  • Build Equity While You Rent: Roll your rental payments into a down payment on the equipment at the time of purchase.
  • Overcome Limited Credit Constraints: If your credit is limited, you can still secure the equipment you need without a large upfront down payment.
  • Manage Short-term Cash Flow: Perfect for managing short-term cash crunches due to project outlays and delayed payments.
  • Adapt to Project Uncertainty: Provides the flexibility to handle seasonal project uncertainty without committing to a full purchase right away.
  • Evaluate Equipment Compatibility: Test the equipment within your existing fleet to ensure it meets your long-term needs.
  • Tax Advantages: Expense part of the machine cost as a rental in the current year, providing immediate tax benefits compared to long-term asset depreciation.
  • Facilitate Lower Payments: An added down payment upon purchase can reduce your monthly payments, easing financial pressure during slower seasons.
  • Flex Your Fleet: Expand your equipment fleet faster than traditional financing methods, especially if credit is a limiting factor.
  • Generate Immediate Revenue: Start generating revenue with the machine while you are still in the rental phase, maximizing productivity from day one.
  • Change Your Mind- No Worries: If your rental period expires and you don't wish to purchase- no worries! Our RPO contract is non-binding. Your RPO period is RISK-FREE!


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